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About One Ten Production

With the help of Almighty Allah & his belovers Mohd. O Aalay Mohd. A.s. we’ve taken a decision to launch a production company under the name of ‘ONE TEN PRODUCTION’. It’s a Cassettes, Audio CDs & Video CDs of Nohas, Manqabats, Naats, Majalis, Jashns, Shab e Daris releasing company.

‘ONE TEN PRODUCTION’ launching is a result of many requests from Pakistan & Outside Pakistan Nohakhwans & Anjumans facing lots of difficulties regarding Studio Recordings, Video Recordings, Kalams, Tunes, Chorus, Designing of Covers of Albums & mainly ‘Releasing & Distribution of cassettes & vcds worldwide’.

As per our slogan “PROMOTING AZADARI WORLDWIDE” we want to be a bridge between Nohakhwans & Working Media such as Cable Networks, Internet Websites, Local TV & Cable Channels. We'll work with a local & international Media network for releasing & promoting Nohakhwans / Manqabatkhwans albums through TV Channels, Cable Networks, All main outlets of Islamic & Shiites cassettes & tabarukaat shops in & outside Pakistan.

ONE TEN PRODUCTION' is an only company which is taking liabilities for releasing albums not only in Pakistan but also outside Paksitan.

As per our slogan, first we’ve made a proper website i.e. then we’ve launched a company, whereas none of other Islamic cassettes & vcds releasing company has their own website. It’s a first ever website regarding releasing & distribution of Cassettes & Vcds of Nohas / Manqabats / Naats / Majalis / Jashns etc.

Company is running under full observations of well known personalities of our Shiite Community & each & every step is taking under advices & suggestions of them. Also you can observe on that company is running under experienced Nohakhwans & Poets who knows all the ups & downs & technicalities of Recordings & Releasings. In the end, we request you to plz. Lets join hands and work for a noble cause of Bibi Syeda Zainab s.a. which is a 'PROMOTION OF AZADARI WORLDWIDE'